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With the help of authoring developments, Oris Lab is ready to help IT companies with the following tasks:

1) to develop the maximum efficiency of the use of technical equipment;

2) optimize investments in its modernization;

3) develop an effective strategy for the development of IT infrastructure.

Our services
IT audit
Integration of Customer's Information Systems with existing BlockChain networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Wave)

IT audit
It's a set of measures for conducting an inventory, researching and analyzing the constituent parts of the entire information system. The infrastructure is assessed for compliance with the company's requirements, as well as the need and possibility of modernization. A necessary part of the audit is checking the system for reliability and safety (anti-virus protection, archiving, protection against unauthorized access).
The IT audit conducted by our company includes the following:
Preparing for IT audit
- Providing the Customer with questionnaires on the functionality of the planned configuration of the System;
- Providing the Contractor with answers to questionnaires and a set of Customer requirements for the business functionality of the System.
- Analysis of information provided by Customers and completed questionnaires;
- Providing workarounds;
- Coordination with the Customer of the Technical specification of the planned configuration of the System.
Final actions:
- Preparation by the Contractor of the Interim report on the state of the Customer's System;
- Transfer of the interim Report and coordination of additional issues;
- Signing of the Act of acceptance and transfer of services rendered.
The result of the IT audit is to improve the efficiency of the use of IT infrastructure.

It's an accounting, settlement, analytical system that simultaneously combines high-performance mechanisms for processing large amounts of information (Big Data) and stores critical credentials in the public blockchain, thereby increasing trust in the system and protecting user rights by orders of magnitude, while ensuring automatic audit of executed operations.
"DBMS AJUR" performs the following functions:
it is used for mail messages, entire databases, individual documents (records in the database);
Electronic digital signature
it is used for user and / or server authentication by the server, when determining the level of trust in the executable code, when checking the validity of mail messages, documents (records in the database) and individual fields;
Personal and group calendar;
Task Manager;
Storage of the entire document flow.

The software product "DBMS AJUR" can be used in any commercial and non-commercial activity. On its basis, it is possible to deploy in the shortest possible time (3-6 months) a full-fledged operating day of any fintech enterprise (bank, brokerage company, depository, clearing / settlement systems, logistics activities).

This product consists of several systems that completely capture all types of accounting, data storage, processing all information, generating all types of reports, including each type of activity without additional costs for revision and writing new programs. The product contains all business processes for user interaction with each other from the information ecosystem.

By means of control, the possibility of correcting the initial data is excluded, those all processes can be viewed until the final result.

This product reduces the cost of maintaining the entire infrastructure due to the fact that critical data is stored in a distributed blockchain ledger and part of the operations is given to smart contracts.

Integration of Customer's Information Systems with existing BlockChain networks (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Wave)
This is a software package that allows you to create your own rules for processing transactions, set the number of nodes and integrate with any systems using the API. We have taken into account all the features and risks of building complex accounting systems, taking into account the specifics of blockchain technology. As a result, we have increased comprehensive protection from both hacker attacks and managerial abuse.
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All over the world, factories are producing products in huge volumes. However, there is still no guaranteed way to know how, when and where these products were produced, processed, or shipped to end consumers. Before reaching their destination, goods must pass through a network of manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, warehouses and sellers. On the other hand, the consumer wants to see every step of the production and delivery process in order to guarantee the authenticity of the product.
Making the supply chain of goods transparent and visible to stakeholders will help manufacturers gain consumer confidence in their products and ecosystems. Therefore, today's distributed supply chains need a system that will enforce safety standards for all parties with access to a complete set of product history data.
It is the blockchain that will provide understanding and control over the value chain, because everything will be reflected in the list of actions visible on the blockchain in real time.
With blockchain integration, manufacturers will be able to easily track the enterprise level and rely on an enterprise system with complete transparency to track items along the way, rather than having to shuffle a bunch of papers, invoices, files, data and emails.
Our developments
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ERP system
In June 2021, our company was registered at Astana hub.

Astana Hub is an international technology park for IT startups. Conditions are created here for the free development of Kazakhstani and foreign technology companies.

The global mission of Astana Hub is to become a center for the development of innovative projects, release breakthrough IT companies, and also become a hotbed for attracting a critical mass of young and talented IT specialists from all over the world.

We are interested in new employees!
There are a number of vacant positions in our company: managers, ....
Main requirements:

• Fluency in Russian, Kazakh and English;

• Confident user of PC, Internet;

• Higher education or incomplete higher education in the field of IT;

Send your resume to the mail: ado@f2c.dev
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BIN: 130640019840
Account: KZ746017131000027170
Bank: JSCF JSC "Halyk Banks of Kazakhstan"
Legal address: 050044, Almaty, Bostandyk district, st. Baishek, 65