IT audit
IT infrastructure audit

– is a set of measures for inventory, research and analysis of the components of the entire information system. The infrastructure is evaluated for compliance with the company's requirements, as well as the need and possibility of modernization. A necessary part of the audit is to check the system for reliability and security (antivirus protection, archiving, protection against unauthorized access).

The IT audit conducted by our company includes the following:

  • Preparation for the audit:
- Providing the Customer with questionnaires on the functionality of the planned System configuration;
- Providing the Contractor with answers to questionnaires and a set of Customer requirements for the business functionality of the System.

  • Conducting inspections:
- Analysis of the information provided by the Customer and completed questionnaires;
- Providing workarounds of the solution;
- Coordination with the Customer on the technical specification of the planned System configuration.

  • Final actions:
- Preparation by the Contractor of an Interim Report on the status of the Customer's System;
- Transmission of the Interim Report and coordination of additional issues;
- Signing of the Act of acceptance and transfer of services rendered.

The result of the audit is to increase the efficiency of using the IT infrastructure.
Due to the author's developments of our specialists, and extensive experience in the financial and IT fields, we help companies in automating processes.
We are participants of the technopark "Astana Hub".

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