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Oris Lab and "What to Do in 2023"

On February 25, 2023, the management of Oris Lab participated in an author's conference titled "What to Do in 2023," organized by the Mikhail Khazin Foundation for Economic Research in Moscow.

Key Topics:

1. How the current crisis differs from the crises of 1991, 1998, and 2008, what will be similar to them. The specificities of transiantional period of the Bretton Woods system.

2. Business strategy for 2023, specificities of interacting with competitors, governments, and banks.

3. Key regions of the world from a business perspective (where profits can be generated). England, the Middle East, the Turkic world, Iran - their status and issues (by K. Gevorkyan).

4. Historical and political contradictions in the transitional period ("no one knows how to do it differently, but the old ways don't work"), psychiatry of political authorities, challenges for entrepreneurs.

5. Strategic business directions (10-15 years) and Russia's tasks in building the resource core of the Eurasian currency zone.

6. The role of social interaction in times of crisis. Building social infrastructure to support businesses.