is a humanitarian experimental project aimed at the further development

of human nature and improvement of the quality of public relations.

We understand any development as a continuous evolutionary progress and increasing personal responsibility to society and Nature. We consider our desire to progress, to invariably become the best version of ourselves, as an indispensable attribute of spiritual growth and civilization. Hidden and not fully understood human capabilities need to be updated now more than ever. Effective methods of obtaining, preserving and increasing knowledge are clear signs of evolutionary growth. We are talking about Intuition, as of one of the reliable ways to obtain true knowledge, and we consider the direct perception of Information to be a reliable source to grow the evolutionary baggage of Humanity.
Due to the author's developments of our specialists, and extensive experience in the financial and IT fields, we help companies in automating processes.
We are participants of the technopark "Astana Hub".

Our projects
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Our services
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Bank: Almaty Regional Branch of JSC "Halyk Bank"
Bank Identification code: HSBKKZKX

Legal address: 050044, Almaty, Bostandyq district, 65 Baishishek st