Oris Lab and Blockchain Life 2024
We are the young team of the Kazakhstani
IT company Oris Lab.

Our company is not only engaged in developing blockchain software products but also incorporates them into our projects.

We want to introduce ourselves and showcase our projects!
We are open to any collaborations and partnerships!
Oris Lab and Blockchain Life 2024
Our presentations
Our presentations will help you learn more about
our projects and developments!
In the spring of 2023, Oris Lab successfully passed comprehensive vulnerability testing and assessment of the level of security of external infrastructure, conducted by the international cybersecurity company Group-IB.
Our experience in conferences
From 2023, our team strives to actively participate in various IT conferences
International Forum Digital Bridge in Astana in October 2023
Our team took part in the Digital Bridge 2023 forum.
The H2K project was presented at Startup Alley, Astana Hub Battle and Pitching Zone.
International Forum Digital Almaty in Almaty in February 2024
We are at the Digital Almaty 2024 forum.
Our innovative technology solutions were presented as part of Startup District & Industry X.
Neo Custody
Delighted to introduce Neo Custody to you!
Currently, Oris Lab is actively developing a crypto custodial service and is in the process of registering and obtaining a license for its subsidiary "Neo Custody Limited" in the Astana International Financial Centre.

Under the brand name C4C, this structure plans to offer crypto custodial services aimed at securely storing crypto assets and managing clients' private keys.
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Delighted to introduce KazOneLabs to you!
Our creative team of young specialists from Kazakhstan embarked on an in-depth exploration of blockchain technology in 2020. What unites us is our passion for innovation and our drive to create groundbreaking solutions. Each of us holds a higher technical education and an unwavering desire to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

With the guidance of our experienced mentors, we have decided to establish a separate entity - KazOneLabs. Our goal is to promote our own developments, implement cutting-edge technologies, and cultivate the global youth community in the blockchain sphere. We aspire not only to lead innovations but also to inspire others to explore this exhilarating world of technology.
    More about KazOneLabs
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      Our ideology is based on three core principles: innovation, education, and collaboration. We are committed to the concept of continuous improvement and the pursuit of innovative approaches to problem-solving using blockchain technology. Our team diligently works on expanding our knowledge and skills in this field to remain at the forefront of progress.
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      Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with cutting-edge and innovative blockchain solutions while guaranteeing the highest level of quality and professionalism in all aspects of our operations.
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      Our goal is to become a leading company in the blockchain field, developing not only cutting-edge technological solutions for clients but also inspiring the next generation of specialists through education and collaboration.
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      Cooperation with universities
      Interaction with universities is becoming one of the key elements of the KazOneLabs strategy.
      We are focused on establishing partnerships with universities, starting in Kazakhstan and expanding throughout the world, to exchange knowledge and experience, as well as to identify and develop talented students in the field of blockchain.
      By recruiting students for internships, we will provide them with hands-on experience in the blockchain space. We are confident that such an experience will have a significant impact on their professional and personal development, increasing our community.
    Stay tuned!

    Photo by ZQ Lee on Unsplash | Photo by Prateek Kochar on Unsplash